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Build Your Own

Building your own solution has its benefits but make no mistake, it is harder than it appears.  Your team does not have to start from a blank sheet of paper.  Save time and money by leveraging our blueprints and thousands of lines of code to accelerate your application build.


Building PFM is best for Financial Institutions who have:

  • A product vision

  • Internal technical resources

  • Funding and time

Key Benefits:

  • Own the end to end digital experience

  • Full control over the product roadmap

  • Create unique features

Jumpstart Your Development

The YDS Platform at a Glance

Our platform is engineered for scalability, efficiency and extensibility using a cloud-native serverless computing architecture. Pre-built micro applications are self-contained with processing and UI components supporting real time data processing across the environment.


Engineered for Performance

Engineered on AWS, we have invested many hours optimizing our technology for financial management applications. Streamlining platform services to enable data processing using a lambda-based architecture built for efficiency while minimizing AWS costs.   

Plaid API.jpg
Environment Build.jpg
Console Home.jpg

Platform Service Highlights

  • Plaid API Integration

  • Pending Transaction Rules

  • Parsing System Rules

  • Master Data System

  • Data Quality System

  • Custom Category Assignment Rules

  • Dollar Sign Management Rules

  • Income, Spend, Other Rules

  • Firebase Authentication

  • AuthO Implementation

  • AES 256 Data Encryption

  • Automated AWS Environment Deploy

  • CD/CD Deployment Framework

  • Testing Data Link & Upload

  • State Management System

  • In App Purchases and Subscriptions

Flexible PWA Framework

Our applications are built using a Progressive Web Application framework. Manage one set of code and deploy to the web, Google Play Store (Android) or Apple's App Store (iOS).  

Angular Logo.png
Ionic Logo.png

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer many benefits including:

  • Improved user experience, with fast and seamless navigation, even in low or unreliable network conditions.

  • Increased accessibility, as PWAs can be installed on any device and operate offline.

  • Cost savings, as PWAs require less development resources and can reach a larger audience without app store restrictions.

In summary, PWAs provide a native-app experience with the reach and accessibility of the web, making them an effective and efficient solution for businesses.

Feature Highlights

  • Free Cash Forecasting

  • Planning Center

  • Link Banks & Load Transactions

  • Account Balances

  • Account Transactions

  • Consolidated Transactions

  • Vendor Spend Analysis

  • Category Spend Analysis

  • Income Analysis

  • Notifications

  • Subscriptions Analysis

  • Recurring Payments Analysis

  • Configurable Tool Tips

  • Data Charting Tools

  • Light Mode / Dark Mode

  • User Profile Management


Free Cash Forecasting

Get unique insight into the one number that creates wealth-- Free Cash Flow. We use sophisticated AI making 100s of predictions to automatically generate your monthly Free Cash Forecast.


Planning Center

Planning a significant purchase? Vacation? Home? Car? Use custom templates to plan for your next big adventure.


Spend Analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your spending with all your transactions automatically categorized. Non-spending transactions are automatically separated, so you get a true view of your spending.


Recurring Payments

Tell those subscriptions you’re the boss. We identifiy recurring monthly subscriptions as well as those pesky off-cycle and quarterly subscriptions that are often overlooked.


Balances & Transactions

Safely link to financial institutions and view transactions across all accounts or individually. We make it quick and easy to get your big-picture financial overview and then the power to drill down to specifics.

What Our Users Say

"It is like a financial microscope that helps anyone balance cash flows on a daily basis."
Let’s start a conversion.

Let’s work together to reach your goals. Contact us at the link below and our team will be in touch.

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