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Hosted Solutions

Deploy with speed! Create new levels of engagement and new revenue streams with Yada Data’s white-labeled financial insights solutions for your customers. Your brand powered by our next generation PFM platform.


A Hosted PFM is best for Financial Institutions who:

  • Want to deploy quickly in weeks vs. years.

  • Want to maximize return capital resources.

  • Relay on core processors for technology solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Turn-Key Solutions

  • No massive upfront costs

  • Time to value

Thinking Differently

A new approach to financial management

For most people the idea of a traditional budget makes them cringe. Us too. Budgeting can be a daunting task-- one that’s frustrating,  overwhelming, and yet somehow also dreadfully boring.

Still, managing your money is a pretty important task-- one that you really can’t ignore, especially for those who have financial goals. That’s exactly why we created our platform, make it simple, easy and smart.


Feature Highlights

  • Free Cash Forecasting

  • Planning Center

  • Link Banks & Load Transactions

  • Account Balances

  • Account Transactions

  • Consolidated Transactions

  • Vendor Spend Analysis

  • Category Spend Analysis

  • Income Analysis

  • Notifications

  • Subscriptions Analysis

  • Recurring Payments Analysis

  • Configurable Tool Tips

  • Data Charting Tools

  • Light Mode / Dark Mode

  • User Profile Management


Free Cash Forecasting

Get unique insight into the one number that creates wealth-- Free Cash Flow. We use sophisticated AI making 100s of predictions to automatically generate your monthly Free Cash Forecast.


Planning Center

Planning a significant purchase? Vacation? Home? Car? Use custom templates to plan for your next big adventure.


Spend Analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your spending with all your transactions automatically categorized. Non-spending transactions are automatically separated, so you get a true view of your spending.


Recurring Payments

Tell those subscriptions you’re the boss. We identifiy recurring monthly subscriptions as well as those pesky off-cycle and quarterly subscriptions that are often overlooked.


Balances & Transactions

Safely link to financial institutions and view transactions across all accounts or individually. We make it quick and easy to get your big-picture financial overview and then the power to drill down to specifics.

What Our Users Say

"It is like a financial microscope that helps anyone balance cash flows on a daily basis."
Let’s start a conversion.

Let’s work together to reach your goals. Contact us at the link below and our team will be in touch.

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