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Time for a A New Level of Digital Engagement

Increase Engagement, Loyalty & Revenue 

Eighty percent of small and medium sized banks are lagging behind top banks in digital transformation. YDS provides cost effective digital solutions to help banks win over the digital customer. 

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Innovation for FIs

Smart, Simple, Secure

With smart automations, advanced calculations, and unique social features like Crowdsource My Budget®,  we’re not just raising the bar
we’re changing the game.

Financial Institutions who include PFM tools in their digital applications:  
  • Increase monthly active Digital Banking users

  • Increase credit card sales

  • Lower cost per acquisition for Banking customers

  • Increase Banking customer loyalty

  • Increase time spent in Banking app

Unlock Financial Intelligence

No matter where you are on the digital transformation journey, we meet you there and we make it better. Choose the model that works best for your business and customers.


Hosted PFM Solution

Deploy with speed! Create new levels of engagement and new revenue streams with Yada Data’s white-labeled PFM solutions for your customers. Your brand powered by our next generation PFM platform.

Build Your Own PFM

Building your own solution has its benefits but make no mistake, it is harder than it appears.  Your team does not have to start from a blank sheet of paper.  Save time and money by leveraging our blueprints and thousands of lines of code to accelerate your application build.


Digital Augmentation

Already have base level PFM capabilities? It does not have to stop there. We are working to reinvent these applications. Let Yada Data augment your digital application with insights using AI and ML predictive analytics.

Let’s start a conversion.

Let’s work together to reach your goals. Contact us at the link below and our team will be in touch.

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